Dear Friends, here I present some of the feedback I've received from people for whom I have made ​​Mandalas and paintings - Energy Divine Essence. These are copied messages that I have received on Facebook or by mail. For each response I have added a mandala, or picturthat I created for that person and also his/her first name and initials of his/her surname to preserve (his/her) privacy.

Adriana V,T.- Mandala of mariagge

Hi. Sorry iam late but i was in teh departure, so we have unpacked mandala until Sunday.nSo mom was right, it's a beautiful work of art, nicely decorated but not exaggerated.On the wall we stand out beautifully (we tried it with my husband :)). Although in my color combination of pink and pale blue usually does not cause any deeper feelings, in this case I do not mind at all, and it is a great truth, the longer the person it looks, the more you love it. On the contrary, I dark gold color, which is amazing (at least for me) in my life I would not be thought that in combination with pink and blue can look so amazing how even the decorations in the middle - the heart of the mandala. My husband's sister would also like for yourself mandala, while just thinking about it, but when they see this, I think very quickly chooses for her. If you would be interested, can you write? I wish you a beautiful evening!

Petra G.- Personal mandala

Hi Aliana, thank you so much for a beautiful mandala! <3 <3 .Its awesome, simply TOP,i love this mandala!


Lenka P.- Mandala of hope

Hi, thank you so much for a beautiful mandala. In fact, I not write earlier because I did not know that the only express admiration for her beauty, or even write a story, or feelings that in me feelings. That's why I did not write off immediately, I waited, and it will continue. But very recently I started to deal with things between heaven and earth. I was some time, completely rational people. Basically, I got the information about extrasensory perception and subtle world. Of course with this way, I started to attract into your life different things, people, books, the situation on this topic.  I know why it had come to me just this mandala. Last month I wonder what further than anything in my life to change. I feel very badly and often what I hear too many people, this is the most negative energy that is us trying to "devour". I am, however, in addition to my inside, where I work, i found "absorber" of negative energy. Thanks to you mandala. I do not know what words to describe or express, how feels inside i have. Hope is something that never ends. This morning the sun shone on the mandala and I felt unreal power and splendor shine. I do not know what techniques, color or "spells" to paint you use, but it is something incredible. Perhaps many will doubt, so be if it was perhaps only a "placebo" but then allow myself to anyone if it works by itself. Thank you very much, that you did such a wonderful thing, and their hours of work, effort and donated a piece of myself into this mandala, in addition to such a great purpose. Mandala is not yet in place, but now I know that it will benefit from the next generation of energy ... Good evening, Lenka P.

Lucia P. - Mandala of family

Hello, courier came up in the afternoon and then I was not on the net, so I write until now. Mandala is awesomeee! I still have to find somewhere to mount for images and than can be enjoyed from the couch. :))) I want to thank you very much for precise work. I have great pleasure from it. I hope that we will be well served. :)) Thanks again and I wish more lovely evening.

Marcela K.- Personal mandala

Now arrived, it's beautiful, I can not even describe it can not even view photo. Thank you, the money was worth it.

Pavla J.- Mandala of family

Mandala arrived to UK:). Little Aimee says to mom: "She is beautiful, mom this painted a fairy?" What can I say :) ♥ :)

Miriam H.- Mandala of Twinflames

Iam completely speechless !!!!!!
This is beautiful  i have no words. When i take from the awe, I will write you ...
I looked every centimeter, extensions,  on each side of the mandala.  Girl you have striked into the black! The mandala hypnotizes with a single glance. Probably because it is the Twin Flames as no words can describe the feeling ... I am without words haha

Renáta V.- Personal mandala

Hi Linda, he just arrived mandala and is fine. Thank you once again. Thus live it is of course even more spectacular and the size is perfect for me. Over the weekend, I still went to FB at her watch. She came to me, that to me is a symbol of freedom, liberation of my soul. I feel so very recently. But just wonderful, it's a boot into the interior. I wish you all the best, let it thrive.

Dezider C.- Personal mandala

He just came the mandala !!! This is the absolute bomb !!! Hahaaaa thank youuuuuuuuu ... ... OMG, that's complete "brutality" this mandala!!! And you were right, the larger size is ideal !!! I need call my cousin here let him watch hehe .. Yeah, that's brutality and as I sat, on the wall.

Čeněk H.- Colors of life

Just now the courier has delivered my painting, I noticed that is perfectly wrapped. It is absolutely gorgeous + undamaged. I have to congratulate you on your "gift", what great painting skills. You have harmony in your painting and it also expresses information-feeling, which is really interesting. This is a professional work, and I especially like how you modifided the frame, very nice job. I am completely satisfied; much more than I expected to be. The actual painting which I exhibited on the wall of my apartment displays shimmering effects emerging clearly and adding another interesting view to the painting that cannot be apprieciated by a photograph. Thank you and you can count on me that I'll be praising you everywhere.

Andrea D.- Wedding mandala+Harmony+Wisdom of soul

Lindush, Mandala is unpacked - it's amazing - everyone who saw it, was amazed :)), I had no doubt about that :)) - and You will certainly have more orders :)), Mandala had a big success for a bride, she wept tears of joy. Lindushka, I think it's beautiful :))))) Bride loves butterflies :))
) :) I am so happy, tears in my eyes :). Thank You :)))) Much love, Andrea D.

Lindush - I have them already!! They are mine :) :) :) - my tears welled - I do not know which is more "me". THANK YOU :) :) THANK YOUUUUUU. I do not know what more to write, WISDOM SOUL gives me goosebumbs, and on the WOMAN gives me an incredible feeling of peace and happiness. I have them both in front of me and .....AMAZING .... :) :) :) THANK YOU THANK YOUUUUUU. I wish you a nice day :) Andrea D.

No need words :))

Lenka J.- Wedding mandala

"Hello, it's after the wedding and after handing over a gift, a mandala., I just wanted to say that mandala was a huge success. The bride said, she was thinking about to order a personal mandala too or she wanted to try paint one for herself, and this gift made her very happy. The groom also appreciated the painting. So their thank you goes to you too :) Have a peaceful day and continue paint as beautiful mandalas, as you create so far :)" Lenka J.

Zuzana P.- Personal mandala

"Hello, after some time of great euphoria and enthusiasm and after unpacking mandala that you created for me, I feel satisfaction, joy, peace of mind and harmony and symphony with my mandala. It has amazing colors and shapes. It is a perfect masterpiece. I feel that have perfectly captured and intercepted my soul. Truly You have an extraordinary gift and your mandalas are proof. Thank you and thank you for the mandala, which you created for me. And as we approach Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, lots of love and family harmony. Yours sincerely "ZuzanaP.

Hermina P.- Personal mandala

"Thank youuuuu! It's beautifuuuuul! Gosh, is it really for me? Gorgeous! Thank you sooooo very much! You are truly an amazing creature that you can do it! I am already looking forward to when I see it live! Thank you once again with all my heart! "

"Dear Lindush, I just have to tell you what I felt when I saw my mandala the very first time. I had a feeling that I have already seen it before ... Is it possible ...? Probably yes ... I have visualized it just like that. Mandala is amaziiiiiing! The most beautiful!:)"

"Good evening dear Lindush :) Late last night I finally came home to SK and I saw my mandala :) I want to once again thank you very much . You painted it beauitfuly ! The colors you used are perfect and express so much tenderness , love and enlightenment ... especially indigo blue and pink ... but actually all the colors so beautifully in tune and harmonized together, and I can not imagine that you would have painted a prettier one :) I am very grateful and I wish you to hand out your talents and your beauty through your pictures for more and more people . You perfectly tap into the soul and the universe as usual. I hope your customers are as happy as I am:) Thank you once again , it's a masterpiece ! The only thing I regret is that I did not have it made in a larger format ... at least 60 x 60 or even bigger :) its magnificence and beauty would standout even more! Thank you ! I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and a wonderful New Year also ... even though it has already started :) :*

Sincerely, Hermina P.