Piece together a mandala

I create mandalas for clients myself- intuitively. Intuitively sensed colors and shapes what clients need. I decided, however, enable a space to your own intuition.If u are not secure that iam able to create right mandala for you, /but never happens:)/ u can choose your own colors according to this sampler. If you are interested in your own custom colors, must choose them by numbers and ordered them. Please note that the shades of monitors may be slightly distorted and of course the real color tone is never 100% identical as the color chart. 

These are the basic colors of which can still be mixing well to form other colors or pastel shades and delicate. Of course, because in this case will act on your choice of colors, iam not   responsible for how the colors will to interact with the effects of reconciling the mandala itself, so if you are not sure that you have a feel for colors and combinations, let please whole creation on me..